About Northern Beaches Solar

Northern Beaches Solar started solar installs in 2011 with the mantra of only selling the best solar product on the market that lasts 20 years with zero defects.


We at Northern Beaches Solar will never sell you landfill solar (cheap panels that deteriorate after 5 years) or solar that will not work due to environmental obstructions such as shading.  This leaves people skeptical of renewable energy products.


We supply and install Solar Grid Connect and Battery Storage Solutions for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial.


Northern Beaches Solar has partnered with the best Solar Manufacturer – SunPower. The best and most efficient solar panels on the market.

Northern Beaches Solar is accredited by the Clean Energy Council

License number A2748089.

Why you should buy from an Accredited Solar Retailer

Clean Energy Council accredited installers have demonstrated that their solar PV systems meet our extremely high standards of safety and performance.


Using an accredited installer means you can have confidence in the safety, performance, and reliability of your solar PV system for many years to come.


There’s also a financial benefit – to receive government rebates for your solar PV system, both the designer and installer must be accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

Northern Beaches Solar is a SunPower Authorised Partner

Installing SunPower Solar Pannels, the best on the market

SunPower is back contact – no grid or ribbons on the front of the cell – everything is moved to the back – less chance of things going wrong – cells cracking, ribbons breaking and we have virtually eliminated corrosion.  The back of cell is fully covered with copper, making the cell strong and robust and the cell interconnect bar is made to expand and contract with the cells.  When you see the cell break demo the value of the copper becomes apparent.