SunPower Panels

What makes SunPower arguably the best panel in the world.

The Key Features of SunPower Panels:


  • SunPower panels have a 25 year product warranty – more than double most other product warranties.  This reduces risk for the customer and provides peace of mind.
  • SunPower’s panels have record setting efficiencies from 20.4% for the E series residential panel to the X22-360 watt panel at 22.2%.  Customers can get the maximum energy from their roof space.
  • SunPower panels have the lowest heat coefficient between 0.38 and 0.30% meaning the panels work better at higher temperate – giving the customer more energy.
  • SunPower panels have low degradation.  The industry average is between 1-1.5% per year, SunPower warrants 0.4% PA, with white papers and other testing showing actuals of 0.11 – 0.25%.  Customers get a greater return on their investment and overtime the SunPower panels will produce around 20% more energy over 25 years.

SunPower Panels:


The points that make SunPower different are: the energy you can get from the same foot print.  We have a three high efficiency residential panels – E20-327 watt at 20.4% efficiency (black frame), X21-345 watt at 21.5% efficiency (black frame) and the NEW X22-260 watt at 22.2% efficiency.  The we have commercial E series – E20-327 & E20-435 watt, 20.3% efficiency commercial panels (with silver frame).  All data sheets attached.


SunPower is back contact – no grid or ribbons on the front of the cell – everything is moved to the back – less chance of things going wrong – cells cracking, ribbons breaking and we have virtually eliminated corrosion.  The back of cell is fully covered with copper, making the cell strong and robust and the cell interconnect bar is made to expand and contract with the cells.  When you see the cell break demo the value of the copper becomes apparent.

SunPower has a 25 year product (no one has anything close!) and a 25 year performance warranty.  We warrant stuff other companies baulk at.  We cover shipping, install, commissioning and removal of the old panel.  I have attached the warranty brochure for you.

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